Saturday, October 5, 2019

Influence of Cold War on Development i the Third World Essay

Influence of Cold War on Development i the Third World - Essay Example Third world countries adopted capitalist economy that has hindered their developments in many ways. Considering the level of human interference such as government regulations, selfish interests and communism policies can be claimed to have hindered development. Permanent economic forces such as the forces of demand, supply, unemployment, and inflation have been consistently applied in academic teachings where the forces are traced into a perfect self-balance in the free market economies. Unlike the free market economies that could have enabled third world countries to improve their economic prosperity through the self-balancing forces, the capitalist economies have continually had effective development. The forces of unemployment have driven most third world countries into underutilization of resources that could have been effectively used to advance economic developments into industrialization and self-sufficiency among the states. Moreover, third world countries continue to become under-developed due to lack of balance of the controlled and government regulated markets (Arnold Harberger, 1998, p50-54) The ideologies of capitalist states that spilled over into the third world countries have resulted in ownership of the biggest percentage of states resources by a few individuals, while the majority of the population continue to languished in poverty. The ideological frameworks have led into high level of inequality among people, since land and asset owners have accumulated wealth from the middle class and forced them into poverty. A good example of the capitalists market is Chile, which has experienced societal war of the middle class and the poor against the rich. Indeed, forty-five percent of the population was below the poverty line while ten percent of the population increased their income by eighty three percent since the introduction of the capitalist rule (Eduardo Galeano, 1983, p86). Geo-Political Framework It is believed that third world countries have remained underdeveloped due to domination of political framework where the society is forced into accepting the non-communi st system of governance and economic strategy. The systems of communism where people exist freely without being restricted and operating in free markets were barred by dictatorial rule. According to Garner (N.d), this kind of dictatorial rule seeks to manifest its ideologies and establish itself at the expense of the welfare of the society that has utilized liberal ideologies to build itself and live in harmony. The story of the three little pigs that built their houses with liberal ideas and freedom of choice represents the free market economy where democracy exists. This kind of ideology is what the third world countries need to protect against the ‘Wolf and its imperialist rule’ to achieve development and industrialization. This kind of government often faces a threat of revolution among members of the society. The Nicaraguan case is viewed as a social movement towards revolution against the imperialist ideological rule that has degraded humanity in poverty and despe ration (Ross and Levy, N.d, 410). Dictatorial rule was seen to subject citizens who were against this kind of rule to torture and even death. Citizens who were seen to have ideologies that were contrary to the system of

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