Monday, October 7, 2019

Rhetoric & Popular Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Rhetoric & Popular Culture - Essay Example That is, our specific behaviors are the reflection of popular culture presented in advertisements, movies, television shows and magazines (Brummett). This paper aims to rhetorically analyze the pop culture related to advertisement. It will discuss pathos and logos, tone and style of DKNY Fragrance advertisement. Rhetoric analysis basically corresponds to the use of words in order to influence the audience (Brummett). This communication strategy is extensively used in marketing. Advertisement is one of the core components of marketing which builds awareness about a particular product and its distinguishing features. It plays a vital role in increasing sales through the specialized use of linguistics and visuals (Brummett). Description Let’s consider an example of DKNY Fragrance advertisement. This ad exceptionally uses the concept of rhetoric and popular culture, for instance the product name â€Å"Be Delicious: The Fragrance for Women by DKNY† is in itself very attracti ve and provoking. Moreover, the visuals consisted of colors and graphics appeals the target audience. A fair looking girl is presented with fruits around her to support the concept of deliciousness. Among the fruits the DKNY fragrance jar is placed in such a way that viewers can easily relate the natural element of fruits and the product (Fragrance). Although women tend to use a lot make up and cosmetics but they in reality want to be perceived as naturally gorgeous and refreshing. Hence the advertisement was designed using the rhetoric strategies to stimulate women’s instincts of natural beauty. The ad was initially published in Cosmopolitan Magazine which successfully drew the attention of readers while the lines actually persuaded them to purchase the product. The significantly attractive looks of the model played a major role in grasping the attention of majority viewers. In addition to this the overall theme, soft colors and use of language associated with the product we re equally convincing (Fragrance). Pathos and Logos Appeal The advertisement of â€Å"Be Delicious† was typically based upon pathos and logos. Pathos is basically an emotional appeal which is substantially used in marketing (Brummett). For instance, you must have observed many help projecting pictures of dying children in order to generate donations for poor. They are basically using the emotional appeal to drive an individual to participate in the fund raising campaigns. Similarly in the advertisement of DKNY Fragrance the name of the product â€Å"Be Delicious† actually provokes strong emotions among the target audience which persuades them to purchase the product. Pathos is not only used in words, rather the images and overall advertisement theme is a significant source of emotional appeal. For instance, the particular facial expressions of the model, arrangement of fruits and fragrance jar along with the background colors actually makes the foundations of rhetoric use in the advertisement (Fragrance). Logos, as opposed to pathos persuade people through proper reasoning and hence they are often used as logical appeal in marketing strategies (Brummett). For instance, cosmetic manufactures especially using herbal raw material emphasizes upon the health safety and long lasting effects of their products. Herbal products logically do not have any significant health hazards and this fact acts as a competitive advantage

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